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The "Vladivostok Times", English-language online newspaper is greeting you!

Our readers are from the wide international audience interested in the Russian Far East. We publish news on the urgent local issues, about investment climate, business development and tourist potential of the Far East. In other words, all the news which might me interesting for international audiences.

It is dedicated to serving the English-speaking public by providing news and also seeks to assist foreign tourists by offering helpful information about Vladivostok, such as consulate contacts, main tourist routes, cultural billboard etc. The on-line edition of the "Vladivostok Times" is a compilation of journalistic articles and additional pieces translated into English from various news sources - most notably PrimaMedia, RIA Novosti and some others. We are proud to present objective and balance information about urgent current issues giving an outline of what is going on in Vladivostok and the Far Eastern region. Online since March 2006

Our main sections are:  Economics,  Politics,  Society, Ecology, Culture, Travel Guide. The "Vladivostok Times" helps to create a positive image of Vladivostok, attracting attention of international investors, businessmen and tourists. Periodically, the Local Personalities section presents comprehensive interviews with the heads of the leading businesses, foreign Consuls, international experts etc.

We would appreciate if you found the "Vladivostok Times" news useful for you.

The "Vladivostok Times" team wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. Nelson Thacker, the founder and the first editor of the newspaper currently residing in the USA.

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