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Wednesday, July 11 2007, 07 PM

Empress Maria in Vladivostok

Is the Head of the Romanovs house arriving?

VLADIVOSTOK, July 11, vladivostoktimes.com A high guest - the Head of Russian imperial house Her Imperial Highness Her Majesty Great Princess Maria Vladimirovna (de jure All-Russian Empress) will come to Vladivostok in the beginning of August, as Vladivostok City Administration press service reported to RIA PrimaMedia. 

This year on invitation of Russian Orthodox Church Maria Vladimirovna has visited Moscow, and also some central areas of Russia - Tula, Novgorod, and Samara. Visit to Vladivostok can become a precedent: the eastern outpost of Russia will receive the Head of Russian imperial house for the first time. Till that time the highest person of the Romanovs' house who visited Primorye capital was crown prince Nicholas, who became the Emperor Nicholas the Second.

The Great Princess (the only daughter of the Head of Russian imperial house His Imperial Majesty Czar Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich and Her Imperial Highness Princess Great Majesty Leonida Georgievna, born Princess Bagration-Mukhranskaya-Gruzinskaya) was born in Spain and lives there, graduated from Oxford University, speaks Russian fluently among some other languages. As the official site of Russian imperial house reports, Great Princess was brought up in Orthodox faith and is devoted to interests of Russia. She contracted equal origin marriage to Prince Franz-Wilhelm Prussian in 1976. Because Great Princess had to head the Romanovs' house, dynastic agreement was made and legalized before marriage. According to it Prince Franz-Wilhelm Prussian accepted Orthodoxy and joined Russian imperial house with the name Michael Pavlovich and title Grand Duke.

The purpose and program of the planned visit of Great Princess to Vladivostok are still unknown. But it's known that Primorye authorities are preparing for it. Nevertheless, supporters of sovereign democracy have nothing to be afraid of - in her public speech Her Imperial Highness spoke more than once that she doesn't plan to impose monarchy on Russian people against their will.

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