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Wednesday, December 5 2007, 10 AM

Primorye Export to China Increased

Mainly timber and fertilizers are exported

VLADIVOSTOK, December 4, vladivostoktimes.com In the eleven months of this year the traffic of export-import goods through the railway frontier route Grodekovo (RF) - Suifenhe (PRC) exceeds 122% the indicators of the corresponding period of last year. So in the eleven months of 2007 the Russian export exceeded 8 million tons (it was 6,6 million tons in 2006).

As the press-secretary of the Vladivostok Branch of the Far East Railway informs, mainly timber and fertilizers are exported from Russia; and building materials, machinery and food products are imported to Russia from China.

The growth of export-import turnover in January - November, 2007 as well as the accident-free trains' traffic through the frontier check point Grodekovo - Suifenhe become possible thanks to the investment programs of OJSC "RR" aimed at increasing of the frontier check point Grodekovo - Suifenhe carrying capacity and also successful cooperation of the Russian and Chinese railways.

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