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Sunday, December 24 2006, 11 PM

Ice Breakers Admiral Makarov and Krasin Left Vladivostok for Sakhalin Coast

They will provide escort of large capacity tankers in the framework of Sakhalin-1 project

VLADIVOSTOK, vladivostoktimes.com Ice breakers "Admiral Makarov" and "Krasin" left Vladivostok port on Thursday and headed for Sakhalin northern coast.

As FESCO press service reported to RIA PrimaMedia, ice breakers will provide escort of large capacity tankers through Tatarsky Strait dividing Sakhalin from the continent.

Russian ice breakers "Admiral Makarov" and "Krasin" were rented by "Exon Neftegas Limited" company - oil and gas project "Sakhalin-1" operator - for 10 years. According to the terms of the agreement, ice breakers will provide escort of super tankers with oil (of over 100 thousand tons deadweight) to port De-Castri (Khabarovsk) and back. De-Castri port gets oil through pipe line lying on the bottom of Tatarsky Strait.

Ice breakers will spend all of winter navigation period, which, approximately, will last till March, near Sakhalin coast.

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