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Monday, April 23 2007, 12 AM

Detachment of Indian Navy ships Arrived in Vladivostok

Joint antiterrorist exercise “Indra-2007” will become the culmination of the visit

VLADIVOSTOK, April 22, vladivostoktimes.com The detachment of ships of Indian Navy arrived to the main base of the Russian Pacific Navy on April 20 - Vladivostok with friendly visit. The visit will last till April 27.

As the press-service of the Pacific Navy reported to RIA PrimaMedia, the detachment includes five ships of India naval forces: three rocket destroyers - "Maysor," "Randgit" and "Rana," corvette "Kutar" and a tanker "Gioty."

Joint antiterrorist exercise "Indra-2007" will become the culmination of the visit, which will be held in the Sea of Japan from April 24 to 26.

Russian party will be represented in the exercise by large anti-submarine ships "Marshal Shaposhnikov" and "Admiral Vinogradov," a missile boat, a diesel submarine, detachment of trawlers, a medium sea tanker "Pechenga," two towboats, two helicopters Ka-27 and an anti-submarine plane Il-38.

On April the 24 ships will start out to sea for joint practicing of the tasks on protection of navigation, struggle against sea piracy and terrorist actions. In the districts of combat training of the navy where the ships will leave accompanied by mine-trawling forces, the basic stage of exercise will be held.

In the program of maneuvers - landings of fighting helicopters aboard Russian and Indian ships, landing of antiterrorist groups and practicing of the tasks on clearing the vessel captured by conditional criminals.

During practicing of the tasks, anti-submarine ships will conduct joint search of a submarine of the probable enemy with usage of aviation. From the Russian party a plane Il-38, helicopters Ka-27PS and Ka-27PL will be involved in the search.

"The shooting practice will be an important episode of the joint maneuvers. The vessels artillery will have to destroy the terrorists' boat and floating mines, which, in accordance with the maneuvers' purpose, will be found at the shipping line by the mine-sweepers. Then the vessels will accomplish antisubmarine shooting from the jet bomb-throwing guns. The exercises will be completed with the operation on rescue of a vessel in distress," the press-service noted.

The co-operation between the Pacific Navy and naval forces of India began in 1980s. At that time specialists for naval forces of India were trained in Vladivostok.

In 1990s the ships of the Pacific Navy visited India three times. They also visited India in 2001, 2003 and 2005. In 2005 the first joint exercise "Indra-2005" was held in the Indian Ocean.

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