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Monday, August 27 2007, 05 PM

Russia and China Consolidate Collaboration in Protection of trans-border Rivers

Consultations of experts of two countries will be held in China in autumn

VLADIVOSTOK, August 27, vladivostoktimes.com The Russian Federation Minister of Natural Resources Yuri TRUTNEV signed an order on creation of work group on preparation of a project of Agreement between the Russian Government and the Chinese Government on collaboration in the sphere of protection and rational usage of trans-border waters, as the Ministry press service reports.

The work group includes representatives of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, Russian Water Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Emergency Department, Russian Hydro meteorological center, Khabarovsk Territory Ministry of Natural Resources and Committee on Industry and Natural Resources of Chita Area.

We would remind you that in June 2007 the Director of International Department of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia Igor MAIDANOV and the Councilor of Contractual and Legal Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chinese People's Republic Ouyang YUJING signed a treaty of second round of Russian-Chinese consultations on preparation of intergovernmental agreement on collaboration in the sphere of protection and rational usage of trans-border water objects.

During the consultations they reached an agreement on including the following positions into the list of directions of bilateral collaboration: carrying out mutual events on protection and rational usage of trans-border water objects; carrying out monitoring of trans-border waters and exchange of research results in the sphere of protection and rational usage of trans-border waters; development and carrying out mutual actions on response in emergencies; on exchange in spheres of usage of water resources and pollution prevention.

According to the Protocol, holding the third round of Russian-Chinese consultations of experts on issues of collaboration in the sphere of usage and protection of trans-border waters will be held in China in September 2007. As it's expected, during the next round of consultations the parties will share their opinions on the rest of the unsolved questions.

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